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  • What is robotic gardening?
    Robotic gardening is the use of automation, drones or robots to augment tasks for humans. In our green house garden we are using an in house custom built robotic watering system that measures soil moisture and provides water where needed. This system is powered by an Arduino Omega Uno. If you would like know more, please contact us. We'll be glad to help get you started on your project!
  • What is hydroponics?
    Hydroponics is the application of water and other media to replace the need for traditional soil. Most applications require the use of an air pump to keep the plants from drowning. By maintaining a high level of readily available oxygen plants can obsorb more nutrients and thrive in these conditions. At Wicked Sauce co, this is where it all started. This was a hobby that turned into a business venture. If you would like to know more, please contact us.
  • Where do you source your ingredients from?
    With the expection of our super hots, everything is locally sourced from Georgetown Texas where everything is bottled. Our habeneros come from a farm in Alabama and we grow our own Carolina Reapers here in Bedford Texas!!!
  • How hot is Wicked Hollow?
    All of our products are made to balance heat with flavor. Wicked Hollow is a bit more aggressive compared to Reaper Hollow but both are comparable in heat. Your average connoisseur would rate the heat level at 3 out of 5. With Wicked Hollow, the heat roles in right away followed by light, crisp notes of lime juice, habenero and followed by a smokey finish.
  • How hot is Reaper Hollow?
    Reaper Hollow was made with a very measured burn and like our other products is balanced with flavor. The heat profile is less aggressive than Wicked Hollow but it does roll in slowly. Your average connoisseur would rate the heat level at 3 out of 5. With Reaper Hollow the flavor comes in right away with hints of lime juice, sweet onion and fruity notes of the Carolina Reaper. You'll experience all of this in the first 3 seconds before the heat begins to build and stops right before you're uncomfortable.
  • Can you tell me what Wicked Hollow pairs well with?
    With a light body and crisp citrus notes, Wicked Hollow pairs best with lighter foods like grilled fish, chicken and veggies. For you adults out there, try Wicked Hollow to spice up your horchata or bloody merry. And those with a sweet tooth, try it on your favorite dessert. We recommend cheese cake, key lime pie and donuts.
  • Can you tell me what Reaper Hollow pairs well with?
    With a heavier body and lime juice, Reaper hollow pairs well with foods like pizza, pasta, red meats and tacos! For you wing eaters... Cook up your wings and toss them in butter or olive oil, pinch of salt and then spin them with Reaper Hollow. Start with just a dab and go from there. For you adults out there, spice up your bloody merry!
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