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O u r Story

It all started with a date night and a seed that grew into an obsession. Lonnie and his wife Alison were enjoying a night out in Fort Worth when they walked into a shop looking for beef jerky. There, they found a wall of hot sauce and a Carolina Reaper seed in a can. They took it home and nurtured it indoors for several months, progress was slow and they almost lost it. Attempts to clone the plant were unsuccessful. This is when they learned about hydroponics. Starting small they built their first Nutrient Film System and within a few weeks the clones outgrew it. A Bato system was built for the clones, this is the growing method used today. Later we learned about robotic gardening and now use automation techniques to care for our plants. 


Before too long Lonnie was experimenting with a hot sauce recipe and as a foodie, heat is important but it comes second to flavor. He wanted a hot sauce that could be enjoyed, something that made food taste even better and finished with a slow burn. He started making micro batches for friends and family and was told he had something special so he went for it. This is how Reaper Hollow was created and later, Wicked Sauce Company.


"Thank you for being a part of our story. A special thank you to my wife Alison who let's me follow my dreams and her trust in my vision"


Lonnie Bravo,


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